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News article on 11/04/2017 by: The Hoarde

AD&CO Logistics brought to you by The Antiques Diva Touring Company

TOMA HAINES is The Antiques Diva & Co and owner of AD&CO LOGISTICS.  Toma is a larger then life, exhuberant character whom it's been my pleasure to meet and I can't speak highly enough of Toma or her businesses.  She is very friendly and approachable and well known throughout the world as Europe's largest Antique touring company and it a reputation well earnt, and well deserved.  Her representatives cover 8 countries in Europe and 6 in Asia.

To compliment these services AD&CO LOGISTICS was created to serve and provide high quality antique and fine art shipping services from Europe to destinations around the globe.  With Toma and her team's experience over many years of dealing in antiques and art, there is literally no-one better placed to ensure you receive your items in the manner you would expect.  To this end, AD&CO have partnered with an international shipping company and together they provide a white glove service, second to none, with first class packing of all items and objects.

AD&CO Logistics team: Philip Ver Hoeye, Toma Clark Haines, and Frederik Aers explain their services in a little more detail below.

Your shipping concierge will personally manage all facets of your shipment including collecting your goods from the dealers, tracking your inventory and payments, cross-referencing your tags, packing, complete all export/import paperwork and monitor your shipment’s progress from the time we receive your goods until they are delivered to you; and keep you advised of the status of your shipment.

Our international shipping services provide the options of:

√ Organizing the invoicing and payments of the goods purchased on an AD&CO Tour for our tour clients; or collecting the goods if you are not part of an Antiques Diva Buying Tour

√ Collecting all the goods from the different vendors and transporting to our warehouse in Antwerp

√ Our packing service including wrapping your goods in protective materials, crating, loading on pallets for transport, and using the most advanced art and antiques packaging and crating industry practices.

√ Prior to shipping we store your goods in our secure cold storage warehouse in Antwerp

√ Shipments are organised in 20ft, 40ft or LCL ( Less Container Loads)

√ We manage the loading of your container in our warehouse

√ We organise all customs and VAT paperwork concerning the export and import documentation necessary for your goods

√ If required, we provide fumigation of your container

√ We provide insurance for the shipped goods

The Antiques Diva & Co offers very competitive rates and the shortest possible handling and shipping time to deliver your goods from the antiques dealer to your door.

For more information or a quote please email [email protected]


The Antiques Diva & Co offers custom antiques buying tours for tourists and trade professionals. Whether you’re looking to buy one specific piece or fill an entire container our personal shopping antique buying guides share their vast knowledge of secret sources to take you to all the right places.


  • As part of our full-service tours, our guides pick you up at your hotel and return you to your hotel at tour end.
  • Our tours are all private – you will never be paired with strangers to shop on tour.
  • All our guides are all locals and have long-term relationships with vendors.
  • On tour our guides custom plan your tour, translate and negotiate on your behalf.
  • Tours are planned according to your style, budget and time frame.
  • Once you make your purchases, use our in-house AD&CO Logistics international shipping services to ship your purchases home; or we can also liaise you with a preferred shipper to get your items home.
  • If you are not already working with a shipper we are happy to recommend a variety of shippers from which you may choose.

The Antiques Diva & Co works with both Tourists and Trade Professionals

  • Tourists
  • Antique Dealers
  • Interior Designers
  • Interior Design Showrooms
  • Fabric Houses and Furniture Retailers
  • Architects and Landscape Architects
  • Restaurant and Hotel Designers

Due to the nature of custom planning, all tours are quoted on an individual basis. Prices vary based on our petrol costs and transportation needs. However, a standard tour for 1 or 2 people runs on average from 420 Euro to 650 Euro per day. Please inquire for a custom quote.

Email us at [email protected] or see the Tour Booking form at the right.  The more information you can give about your shopping needs the better we can custom plan your tour.

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