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News article on 04/10/2018 by: ARUNDEL ECCENTRICS

Decorative Antiques Off The Beaten

There are some fantastic dealers on the Hoarde Vintage.

What I love about it is the huge variety.

I also see that many dealers are like ourselves inasmuch as they work off the main high streets.


I suppose there are innumerable reasons for that.

For us, at Arundel Eccentrics, we like the quirkiness of the old brewery warehouses.

Of course, rents aren't so high. That's a bonus.

And we have space which we wouldn't get in many of the shops in Arundel.

The downside is, of course, no shop window.

Just our rather rustic red doors.


Also, telling folks where you are.

We come up against problems putting signs out.

Not allowed in the town.

Had some rather stern letters from the council!


So huge thanks to the Hoarde Vintage.

You've given all us hidden away folk a fantastic shop window.


We, together with French Loft and Harmony Antiques, (both also on the Hoarde Vintage,) fill large three warehouses with the most beautiful and interesting antiques.

The remains of the 19th century Arundel Swallow Brewery are the perfect backdrop for all the English & French decorative pieces.


From Arundel High Street, walk to to the bridge.

Come over and down the little alley next to William Hill.

Turn left and sharp left again.

Don't be put off by Co-op delivery vans and other paraphernalia.

You've made it this far.

Prepare to be surprised by what you find hiding behind Arundel's Co-op and chip shop!

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