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News article on 30/10/2019 by: ARUNDEL ECCENTRICS

From Behind Arundel Chip Shop To Liberty London

It's always interesting to see how people start out in their business and the antique world is no different.


Did we plan it?

Or just fall into it?

Everyone's story is different and fascinating.


I love reading the bio's of dealers on The Hoarde.

Some work from shops on the high streets.

Many like us work from farm buildings, warehouses, homes.


We started in our old warehouse over 20 years ago.

Hidden down a little alley it's always been hard getting people off the main streets in Arundel.

Now it is made easier than when we started, with the internet.

Heres a link to our own blog telling our story.

From behind the chip shop in Arundel to Liberty London and beyond.


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