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News article on 24/08/2020 by: GREENCORE DESIGN

Our Workshop and Premises dating back to 1860

Where better to find inspiration for antiques than in our wonderful workshop.  Built in 1860 from granite quarried locally during the construction of the Cambrian Coast Railway (later the Great Western Railway).

The large dressed stone, some measuring over 5ft x 2ft are a testament to the craftsmanship of the period.  Managing Director, Geraint Jones, comments "I'm not sure how they managed to lift some of these large stones into position, we would struggle with today's machinery but back then they would have been using rope pulley's and manpower"

"We have been operating from the Old Station Yard since 1996 and this old building is a real treat to look at" One of the original doors pictured here in this old photo still stands today.

Today the building houses our workshop where all of our pieces are inspected and, if necessary, undergo repair before being photographed for the website "I like to think that were continuing some of that skilled craftsmanship that built some of our heritage and help to maintain it for future generations"

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