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News article on 14/03/2022 by: HOARDE VINTAGE


In the first of our Blogs on the HV showcasing some of the Bath Decorative Fair standholders, Gail McLeod catches up with HV dealer and Fair exhibitor Cunningham White's.

Gail is the owner of Antiques News and Fairs, and also helps organise and run the Bath Fair. The Fair dates are 31st March to 3rd April and you can click here to view their website with more details and you can request a complimentary ticket.

Q. Are you making a debut in March 2022 or a returning exhibitor?


This will be our fourth time exhibiting at the Bath Decorative Fair. We've not missed one since our first.


Q. What 3 reasons drew you to exhibit at Bath? 


We like the camaraderie between the exhibitors - it's a very friendly fair and a good opportunity to catch up with some old friends. 

Also Bath is a beautiful city and it's great to spend a bit of time there (and call it work). 

The trade day is usually very successful for ourselves and the many other great dealers. With many top buyers coming through and from around the UK.


Q. How important do you think real life fairs are to the industry? 


Very important. We've tried some 'online fairs' but haven't really seen a return from the time and effort. It's also really nice to see what other dealers are doing and you can't always do this from a photo! The online fairs are great for some, but we prefer the real life ones, where you can meet and chat to old clients, and have the opportunity to meet new ones.


Q. How have the past 2 years changed the way you do business? 


Not much to be honest. We already had a pretty decent website set up and were already 'appointment only' when everything locked down. Sourcing stock has become harder though... and more expensive! 


Q. Describe one piece you are saving to show at the fair. 


We love 'twig work' pieces and have had a few chairs and tables in the past, but I now have a twig work shelving unit which is rather unusual. It's not the oldest or most valuable piece I'll be showing but it's such a cool thing, in my opinion, I don't expect it will hang around too long.

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