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News article on 18/12/2020 by: HOARDE VINTAGE

Guest Blog: Christmas at The Home Bothy

Specialising in Folk Art, Horde Vintage and Decorative Collective dealers The Home Bothy are a fantastic place to shop for unusual Christmas gifts.

The West Sussex dealers enjoy finding rare, unusual and often humorous decorative pieces. There’s no reason why antique pieces have to be serious and can’t make you laugh! Each of their pieces has a wonderful story to tell, be it from provenance or a delightfully weathered surface.

The Home Bothy have given us a selection of fantastic gift ideas for both animal lovers and the men in your lives. Click through to see these wonderful last minute present ideas!


Gifts For The Man in Your Life

  1. Large, Naive Oil on Canvas of a Trio of Salmon on the Beat. By J.B Russel.

  2. A faux leather Book Secret library cupboard door. France Circa 1940.

  3. 20th Century tine bentwood love token box

  4. Late 19th Century Fishermans tackle box and fishing stool with drawer.

  5. Sculptural 19th century thatchers tool or paddle

Gifts For Animal Lovers

  1. Vibrant oil painting on canvas, of a Jack Russell

  2. Naive English Jack Russel and Rabbit Painting

  3. Early 20th Century Tin Glaze kitten

  4. Early 20th Century Owl or Lark Decoy

  5. Early 20th Century Owl or Lark Decoy

  1. Charming Tin Glaze Rabbit from the famous northern French Bavent producer

  2. Large 19th Century leather and polished brass dog collar

Shop the whole Home Bothy Collection Here


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