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News article on 31/03/2021 by: HOARDE VINTAGE


Linda Jackson has the most fabulous collection of decorative antique silver, covering enamelled silver and teaware, as well as a small collection of vintage pieces. She has spent twelve years trading from the prestigious London Silver Vaults on Chancery Lane, as well as having an online presence on The Hoarde and Decorative collective and her own website.

Describe your style in no more than 25 words!

I predominately purchase silver but I have a wide ranging style, acquiring items that capture my personality whether colourful & fun or pretty & decorative.

Q: How long have you been in the antiques trade and what other jobs have you had?

I have been in the antique trade for thirty years. Throughout my career I have both bought and sold up and down the country. From market stalls at Portobello Road to The London Silver Vaults at Chancery lane and antique fairs from Bermondsey to the LAPADA Show.

Q: What plans do you have for your business in 2021 post Covid?

I wouldn’t have thought it likely pre-Covid but I see a real future selling for myself online. I have really enjoyed finding new ways of selling virtually which I wouldn’t have though plausible. However, as soon as the antique fairs are open I will be the first in the queue.


Q: What have you learned / what new skills have you picked up? has it made you look more at how you sell online and have you improved in certain areas?

Previously I would dabble online, only uploading a few pictures to Instagram every now and then and not really making use of my website. The last year has forced me to focus on improving the quality of my photography to visually improve my online presence and giving a more accurate representation to my buyers. I have come to realise the value of social media and the need for consistency in posting. I have also re-done my website during the pandemic, so I now have the ability to sell and easily update it without relying on others.

Q: Marketplaces are a vital part of the trade but never more so than 2020/21 - how do Hoarde Vintage and Decorative Collective support your business model?

Prior to 2020 the majority of my online customers were people who had bought from me in person. Growing my online presence over the last year via social media and my own website saw my client base expand significantly. This meant that joining The Hoarde and Decorative Collective was the next inevitable step. Both platforms seem to have a vast audience enabling me to expose my stock to a vast clientele.

Q: Virtual fairs are now taking place across all levels of the industry and dealer showroom 360 videos will soon be/are now offered to dealers on DC – have you been surprised to see how quickly the trade and the buyers have adapted to this new tech?

Similarly to many professions throughout the globe, antiques is swayed by fashion and circumstance. The trade has had to adapt to virtual life to survive, though for many it has been a slow process in learning the technology and format. Many of the older antique dealers haven’t been able to adjust either as quickly or at all and this past year has had a devastating impact.


Q: We have all missed our favourite fairs this year.   Are fairs part of your business and do you exhibit at a variety with different stock or prefer to stay with one style of fair to develop brand awareness?

I do a variety of fairs, encompassing the wide range of products I sell. I do several high end fairs throughout the year with my rarer and more expensive pieces & gift fairs and market stalls at Christmas time. Despite the scope of my pieces in product and price, I do have a distinct style and have been creating stronger brand awareness through my photography to depict and reflect my personality.

Q: How relevant do you think bricks and mortar premises will be in 2021?

Despite what appears to be a booming online antiques market, I think people are desperate to go shopping and physically hold items again. There will always be a particular contingent who simply don’t like buying their treasures online and need the physical interaction. That being said I feel some traders will struggle financially with the ever increasing shop rentals; whilst foot fall won’t increase for some time. Instagram being free and reaching a global market so quickly; I see 2021 becoming a juggling act between both physical and virtual retail platforms.

Q: Tell us what your fantasy freedom buying trip would look like in 2021.

Going to the South of France and visiting as many fairs as I possibly can!


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