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As well as a presence on The Hoarde and Decorative Collective, Lisa Llloyd - aka Hand of Glory - also trades via a website and a beautiful showroom in Chippenham. We loved hearing about her illustrious career - having started in the music business and ended up dealing in antiques, via a 17th Century chateau in France! 


Describe your style in no more than 25 words!

My business is an extension of my own personal taste. I’d describe it as a maximalist, lush and quirky, Anglo-continental country house look with some eastern exoticism thrown into the mix.


Q: How long have you been in the antiques trade and what other jobs have you had?

I’ve been in the antiques trade for over 30 years. My first job was in the music business before becoming an auctioneer in London, where I spent 16 very interesting years. In 2005 I moved to France with my husband and daughter to restore a 17th Century château from which we ran antiques and painting courses. I moved back to the U.K. in 2012 which is when I set up Hand of Glory Antiques.

Q: What plans do you have for your business in 2021 post Covid?

If anything the last year has highlighted the need for adaptability. My plans are optimistic for expansion but at a level that I can manage. My new year’s resolution is to keep less of the items that I buy!


Q: What have you learned / what new skills have you picked up? has it made you look more at how you sell online and have you improved in certain areas?

Selling online has been an absolute necessity during Covid. Luckily I was very well established online and my ability to monopolise this has been a saviour. I opened my new shop just prior to the pandemic but it has still been a valuable entity in promoting the physical face of my business as well as providing valuable storage space!

Q: Marketplaces are a vital part of the trade but never more so than 2020/21 - how do Hoarde Vintage and Decorative Collective support your business model?

DC was at the vanguard of selling decorative antiques and furnishings via a stylish platform. It has maintained a strong identity, despite many imitators, which showcases items to their best advantage pushing the trade to explore new avenues of creativity.

Q: Virtual fairs are now taking place across all levels of the industry and dealer showroom 360 videos will soon be/are now offered to dealers on DC – have you been surprised to see how quickly the trade and the buyers have adapted to this new tech?

Embracing new technology is key so I’m not surprised. I frequently offer a quick walk around view of an object to potential buyers. It adds a sense of reality for distance purchasers. It’s proven to be useful with high end objects.


Q: We have all missed our favourite fairs this year.   Are fairs part of your business and do you exhibit at a variety with different stock or prefer to stay with one style of fair to develop brand awareness?

Fairs are not a key part of my business, although after the collective isolation of the last year we are no doubt all looking forward to returning to the physicality and sociability of visiting fairs and auctions.

Q: How relevant do you think bricks and mortar premises will be in 2021?

The demise of the high street is a stark reality. However, I have been very inspired by the positive feedback of opening a bricks and mortar business. My shop windows have been an enjoyable and creative opportunity to express the businesses identity and despite being closed for most of the year I have been heartened by the amount of items I have sold via this showcase.

Q: Tell us what your fantasy freedom buying trip would look like in 2021.

A buying road-trip across Europe free from the shackles of a post-Brexit Britain. Alas now a complete fantasy which highlights the sad loss of our freedom. This will no doubt weigh heavy on the antiques trade.


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