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News article on 19/11/2020 by: HOARDE VINTAGE


Georgia and Laura are the co-founders of House of Hummingbird Interiors, and have a shared passion for unearthing vintage pieces and helping them to breathe new life into contemporary interiors.


Their journey into interiors is perhaps a little unusual, Georgia as a photographer and tv advertising producer, and Laura with a successful career in psychology – yet they both have a keen eye for the exquisite and an instinct for objects with history and often, a fascinating story to tell.


With a commitment to high quality beautifully made pieces, and conscious of the importance of sustainability, the appeal of vintage was obvious.


“There’s a real value in using and enjoying what already exists. ” says Georgia. “Many of our finds have lasted for decades or more so there’s no reason to believe they won’t endure for another century. These are investment pieces, created by skilled craftsmen, and with a rich history that adds depth to their beauty.”


House of Hummingbird was founded on these principles, and a belief that objects that have stood the test of time have a special character, a point of difference and something that makes each piece unique.  


“These pieces become like friends,” agrees Laura, “The sheer excitement that we feel when we find a real vintage treasure is incredible! Much of our collection is turn of the century European, though we have unearthed the occasional piece from as far away as Russia.” It really is more emotional than rational – and we only buy pieces we love, which can sometimes make parting with them quite hard!”


Located in Bath, a beautiful and inspiring part of the world where history whispers around every corner.  House of Hummingbird is more than simply an interiors emporium; it is a place where stories and memories come together in your home, for moments yet to be created.
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