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News article on 05/02/2019 by: HOARDE VINTAGE

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We are pleased to announce a new feature available in our Client Account facility on the Decorative Collective.  Clients have been able to save their favourite items to their account area for some time, so they might be able to refer or share them later. 

However, you can now not only save these pieces in your Dashboard area, but you can create as many MOOD BOARDS as you need, so you can save your favourite pieces to exactly where you can quickly find them, because you decide what each Board is called and how you organise them.

This is a particularly useful feature for Interior Designers as they often have various projects on the go at any one time and they will now be able to create a MOOD BOARD for each of their own clients and schemes.

If you are a private client, renovating your home, you might want to create MOOD BOARDS for each room, or you could create various Gift MOOD BOARDS for you to save ideas to, for friends and family - great for special times of year like Birthdays and Christmas. 

You could also create your very own Category MOOD BOARDS. For example one for Seating, one for Lighting and even colour Boards, ie all red items or blue items, etc etc. Mood boards have been used by Designers for years as they help them see at a glance what goes together for a scheme and they provide great inspiration for combining ideas, colours and styles.

You can also drag your Saved Items and MOOD BOARDS into any order you want, making it easier for you to organise them so you can find them more easily if you have a lot of Boards. You could save them in alphabetical order or any other order that suits you. You can view your saved items at a glance, even when you have added each one to various Boards.

When you login to your account, click on the tab SAVED ITEMS in your Dashboard area and you will see at the top of the page, instructions on how to use this facility, but if you need any help then please contact us using the email form here.

TIP: Once logged into your account, open up another window with the main site in, so that you can easily switch between the two.  When you add a favourite item from the main site, just refresh the page on the other screen where you are logged in, and you will see your new items there.

If you would like to create your Client Account, please click here to read how to do it and how it works, or simply go to the top right of any page, click on CLIENTS, click on REGISTER, enter your email and a password to suit you and then confirm by clicking on CREATE MY ACCOUNT. You will see your name appears at the top of the page and if you click on that, a drop down Menu will appear with your choices of where to view.

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