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News article on 05/10/2021 by: HOARDE VINTAGE


“By dealers, for dealers” is a powerful message for the fine art and antiques trade. Enterprises set up by dealers to cater for the needs of other dealers almost always flourish because their own pulse beats at the same rate as their clients’.

This can be said of the Hoarde Vintage (Vintage, Retro and affordable Antiques) and Decorative Collective (Antiques, 20th century and some Bespoke), whose founder and owner Jane Walton has a first-class pedigree as a decorative dealer since 1998.

From Dealing to Marketplaces

Jane and a friend launched the Decorative Collective (DC) in 2009, adding The Hoarde Vintage (HV) website in 2011. Both companies showcase antique and 20th Century items from various dealers within the UK and Europe. Her refreshing, down-to-earth, honest approach shines through as she sets out the advantages of membership: “Our aim is not to be the biggest but the best we can be.”

The DC and HV may be technology companies, but Jane Walton recognizes that dealers do not have to be technical wizards to succeed. They just have to have wonderful things to sell. They don’t even need a website to sign up for either platform. The DC and HV can act as their web presence: “You’ll feel like you have a site of your own,” Jane tells them. 

The art and objects on the DC and HV are many, varied, stylish, and beautiful, but the people behind them are just as important. “Meeting all the different characters – it’s just a perk of the job,” says Jane.  Her philosophy? “If you can buy a beautiful home, why would you buy things that you can walk into your friend’s house and see? Your home is unique, so your interiors should be too.”

On Partnering with Ronati

“Ronati is the first company to come along that will seriously help dealers all around the world in a constructive, incredible way. I met Ronati’s Founder, Stacey Tiveron, three years ago when she embarked on her mission to help our industry. She shares a core desire to not just build a successful company, but to do good and truly benefit dealers and the industry as a whole.” 

As for dealing, she says: “It’s a game of chance. If you’re not open and you’re not out there on a website, people may not find you.” Partnering with Ronati is Jane’s inspired way of shortening the odds.

Jane's aim has always been to show that Marketplaces and even dealers own websites, are not the enemy. They aren't there to take over from shops or fairs, they are there to complement them, along with social media, to help dealers market themselves and their items more successfully. Each piece is like the slice of a cake, a promotional slice actually.

It is difficult to rely on just one avenue now, you need to be taking advantage of every opportunity, everything available to get your name and business better known. The downside of this of course, being on more then one Marketplace, juggling various social media each day, perhaps running a shop and doing fairs, let alone finding the time to go buying, is where Ronati come in. They can save you hours every week, meaning you have more time to do the things you really want to, especially if you are a sole trader with little or no back-up.

To learn more about Ronati and The eCommerce Manager (eCM), click here.

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