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News article on 22/12/2020 by: HUTT

hutt Featured Artist Jazz Potter

Jazz Potter is an artist who creates imagined dreamworlds.

We’re so excited to feature Jazz and share her incredible artwork with you.

After realising the academic route didn’t suit her, Jazz did an Art Foundation to get onto drawing and printmaking at UWE, Bristol. “I had never really painted until my degree. I felt an instant connection to painting as soon as I started. I really love working in the studio which feels like space where I can delve into my daydreams and recreate my personal environment through painting.”

Her enquiry into colour and pattern began through her practice between lithography and painting and her work centres around the idea of colour and form escapism in lived and ambiguous space.

Established artists that Jazz loves and takes inspiration from vary from Lautrec and Matisse to Bhupen Kakhan, Richard Kenton Webb and Sonia Delanay. She also has admiration for up and coming artists in the form of Rebecca Harper, Clare Dudeney, Kathryn Maple and Nettlegrellier.

“I find inspiration from anywhere throughout the everyday.  A piece is a combination of lived experience/ inspired by aspects of different spaces I have visited and imagination.I love the moments in life where you notice the way a shadow looks or the difference in appearance of certain colours in differing light. I love to focus on those subtle parts of everyday life. Colour, pattern, lived space, physical presence inside. I enjoy the process of experimenting with colour and marks. I do feel that I like to bring in some element of humour within my artwork. “ 

Aside from painting wonderful paintings Jazz is also a founder of the Emba Collective -an initiative that creates a safe space for people to become immersed in creativity with music, artworks and workshops to get involved with. And…along with this she enjoys experimenting with textiles and painting on to objects ie. Lampshades.  “In the future, I would love to expand and incorporate textiles into my larger works or even create textiles of some of the patterns within my paintings.”

To view the pieces we have by Jazz along with other artworks currently available please click below



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