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News article on 23/12/2020 by: MODERN DECORATIVE

Why Snowscapes Should Be Your Favourite Interior Design Feature

Why Snowscapes Should Be Your Favourite Interior Design Feature This Winter!

With Christmas on the horizon, many of us aren’t feeling as festive as usual. If you’re in need of some extra Christmas spirit this year, we have put together three stunningly snowy landscape paintings from our collection to make you feel cosy, warm and Christmassy!

As well as bringing cosiness to your home, snowscapes beautifully lend themselves to any interior design scheme. The muted, harmonious tones of these glistening scenes emanate a glowing light which is sure to compliment any space and instil it with the tranquil magic we all feel when we see a fresh blanket of snow.

So, what better way to celebrate the season than snuggling up and staying warm whilst enjoying these enchanting landscapes…

  1. Impressionist Snowscape with Trees, Mountains and Village




This sweeping impressionist landscape is painted ‘en Plein air,’ giving a wonderful sense of perspective as we look down this peaceful lane. The glowing light is reflected throughout the scenery, bouncing off the trees and houses with dazzling tones of purple and orange. A captivating depiction of light, the painting recalls the snow paintings of Camille Pissarro and Alfred Sisley, lending a timeless nature to this piece. The artist has truly captured the sublime beauty of nature with this village protected by the vast mountains in the background.


  1. Post-Impressionist German Snowscape with Soft Golden Light.



Like a window onto a dreamlike landscape, this picturesque piece certainly has us dreaming of a white Christmas. The artist has outstandingly captured the texture of these thick, crunchy layers of snow which look delectable enough to reach out and touch. There is nothing like a glistening white canvas to exaggerate the sky, and here the vibrant blue contrasts beautifully with the crisp, white snow, allowing the light of the sun to beam over the mountains and trees. Looking like an extension of this natural scenery, the charming wood cabins add the final touch to make this scene look like it is straight from a Christmas film.


  1. ‘Village in the Snow’ Watercolour Snowscape’



This wonderful painting is truly alive with the feeling of winter. The splashes of brighter colour in the foreground as well as the house bring a welcoming sense of nostalgia, which is in turn contrasted with the claw-like branches of the trees to evoke the harshness of winter. The artist has used an impressionist style to give a powerful sense of movement of this icy blizzard. This is the perfect image to fill you with warmth and cosiness.

All of these stunning pieces and more are available a t

Merry Christmas!

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