19th Century Enormous Copper Pan for Claridges


19th Century

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This is an absolutely huge Copper Pan made by Moresi Lucca in Covent Garden London, there shop was mentioned in the New York times in the 70s.

It has a crack in the handles connection to the pan as shown in the pictures, it is still able to be lifted and is solid but new owner may wish to have repaired.

'At No. 58, Moresi & Lucca, coppersmiths, mend pots and pans for some of London's finest hotels. A tiny, T‐shaped shop with the work room at the rear, it is presided over by A. (for Arego) Moresi, possibly the city's shyest coppersmith.

Mr. Moresi, whose father and grandfather were coppersmiths before him, has been with the concern since 1924. It was established in 1894, he said, adding that Mr. Lucca, his partner, had died some years back.

Dodging nimbly around piles of glistening copper pans, pink in the reflected firelight, Mr. Moresi said that he would do repairs for private customers, although frequently it costs more than the pot is worth, in his opinion.

“Copper workers are hard to get,” he said shyly, anxious to get back to work. “Young people don't want to go into it any more. I don't blame them. It's hard work.”

The weight of this pan is 10 kg - 22 pounds,

Tip of handle to rim of pan is 33" and diameter is 16"

Absolutely amazing piece.


  • H: 84cm (33in)
  • W: 41cm (16in)


19th Century

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The house I grew up in had grounds with old barns. I used to play in the barns and often find old pieces of jewellery and even behind a large old door, a large gramophone. My father had purchased the house off an Army Captain and as such there was a lot of old war memorabilia in the barns and the lofts and medals were often found after prying up the floorboards in the barns.

The house was full of antiques, grandfather clocks that were large enough to hide in and dining tables big enough to slide across. The Church we went to in the village was Norman and one of the oldest in the surrounding area. There are incredible items inside, small carvings from wood, large stones with engravings on and gold, brass and gilt abounded in all forms. 

My family has a house in France where most summers were spent and at the age of 8 or 9 I began attending the local brocantes with my father. These were generally held in local village Squares,under the shadows of the Chateau. I used to always be given a few Francs to purchase an item and one of my first purchases was a Peugeot coffee grinder. This was before they became popular and I drank coffee! It was just heavy and fun to play with and I still have it.

I learnt as I grew older that items I purchased in France were quite popular in the UK, so I began to buy more and more. When I was able, I started to drive to the house myself so I could fill up my boot and take it all back to the UK. Most of my items I buy in the UK are sourced through family friends who have barns and lofts bursting with items, a lot of which I am able to coax from them.

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