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Tin-lined copper daubière with castellated seams (indicating pre-1900 manufacture) and brass handles fixed with three rivets; slightly recessed lid with brass handle fixed with four rivets. Stamped with the number 28.

A classic French cooking utensil the daubière was designed with a tight-fitting lid so that the contents could be braised with a small amount of liquid over a very low heat for many hours. Older models tend to have recessed lids because hot coals were sometimes added to the top of the vessel for a more even distribution of heat.

Excellent vintage condition, heavy gauge copper. Retinning would be advised for anyone looking to return this pan to active use.

Length 28 cm (36 with handles), width 17 cm, height 16 cm, weight 3,6 kg
  • Period:
    • Price: £163
    • €178 Euro
    • $202 US Dollar
  • Location: Italy
    • Dimensions: H: 16cm (6.30in)
    • W: 28cm (11.02in)
    • D: 17cm (6.69in)