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This pretty pair of candlesticks are old Sheffield plate, which is different to electroplating. Old Sheffield plate had a thin sheet of silver that was rolled onto copper as opposed to silver plated particles electrolysed on to a sheet of nickel. The process of Old Sheffield plate was the predecessor to silver plating.

This impressive pair of candlesticks are good quality and have a pretty shell design to the base, and reeded tapered columns.

As is the nature with these early 19 th century pieces there is copper showing through mostly on the base.
  • Period: Mid 19 th Century
    • Price: £135.00
    • €153 Euro
    • $167 US Dollar
  • Location: Nottinghamshire
    • Dimensions: H: 26cm (10.24in)
    • W: 15cm (5.91in)
    • D: 15cm (5.91in)