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A wonderful example of an 18th century American ‘sack back’ Windsor armchair. Made from hickory, maple and poplar.
I really like American chairs as they just have a bit more ‘expression’ than chairs from the British Isles and as such, they have real personality. They are also really evocative of the independent spirit in America at the time (this example was made around the time of the Declaration of Independence).
Provenance to the Sperry Homestead, Westville, Connecticut and likely made locally - the design of the leg turnings and the shape of the seat and armrests certainly points to the Connecticut/New York area. It dates to about 1780.

H: 97cm W: 62cm D: 54cm
Seat height: 44cm
  • Period: c.1780
  • Sold
  • Location: Devon
    • Dimensions: H: 97cm (38.19in)
    • W: 62cm (24.41in)
    • D: 54cm (21.26in)