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A large architect’s model of a proposed development on Brighton seafront in 1980. The model, expertly constructed from quality ply, is in sections that slot together. It has that distinct late-modernist style of the early 1980s, with it’s strong lines and mix of angles and curves.

The development was to be built behind the Norfolk Hotel but ultimately the tower was never built and less striking redevelopment was completed instead.

This large and heavy model is therefore a piece of alternative Brighton history and a literal one-of-a-kind piece. An interesting chapter that never was.

Complete with large line diagram on card (pictured) and other ephemera about the proposed tower. Plinth not included.

  • Period:
  • Sold
  • Location: Devon
    • Dimensions: H: 132cm (51.97in)
    • W: 48cm (18.90in)
    • D: 30cm (11.81in)