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Collection Vintage French Confit and Cruche pots from the Digoin region

Always popular, these Vintage French Stoneware Confit pots are presented in good condition; only one has a very faint hairline crack to the base which is not very noticeable but it does mean that it isn't water tight. If you wanted to use as a vase, you would need to place a glass container inside which is what I have done in the shop to display the paper whites. For reference, this pot is the one displayed on the left hand side of the group photo and is in the "medium size".

Another thing to point out is that on one of the larger confit pots, there are some small bubbles/raised bumps on one side, under the glaze which obviously happened when it was fired. I am happy to take more photos if required.

The cruche water jug is in lovely condition and is water tight (now sold)

The pots are being sold INDIVIDUALLY

Large confit pots (x2) at the back of the photo are approx 24cm tall £80 each NOW BOTH SOLD

Medium confit pots (x2) are approx 21cm tall £70 and £65 (now sold) for the non watertight one

The smallest confit pot at the front is approx 20cm tall £65 (now sold)

The cruche jug measures approx 33cm tall £95

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  • Location: Sussex