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This is a natural (not farmed or moulded) large fluted clam shell likely collected from the Indian Ocean and probably dating to the 1930's. This natural giant clam shell has a lovely ruffled form to the lip or rim and a beautifully smooth interior bowl. This is a lovely natural history piece which sits evenly to its base and would make a wonderful clam shell bowl and conversation starter. This is a tridacna squamosa shell which is second only to the giant clam (tradacna gigas) in size, and these pieces are highly prized for their more aesthetic form and rare to find in this condition and at this size.

This clam shell is a great piece of nautical/beach house decor and would look fantastic on any coffee table.
  • Period: c1930s
  • Sold
  • Location: Oxfordshire
    • Dimensions: H: 10cm (3.94in)
    • W: 25cm (9.84in)
    • D: 14cm (5.51in)