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Used by the grape pickers in the Champagne region, over 100 years ago. It carries the insignia “PDP”, which would have signified the vineyard it belonged to. We have 5 of these large baskets, all from the same region and selling them individually. Please contact us if you would like to discuss buying the collection. French, circa 1900’s

Material: Strong wicker with wooden slats at the bottom

Dimensions: H: 63cm (69cm incl. handle) / W: 87cm / D: 68cm

Base of basket: W: 64cm / D: 46cm
  • Period: Late 19th Century
  • Sold
  • Location: Sussex
    • Dimensions: H: 63cm (24.80in)
    • W: 87cm (34.25in)
    • D: 68cm (26.77in)