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An antique silvered / mirrored glass light shade made by Gecoray. Unusual bell shape. English 1920s/30s. These were made primarily as high quality shop / window display lights. The glass shades are silvered on the outside, then copper plated and finally painted to give long term protection to the silvering. Inevitably over a long time they can tarnish to varying degrees usually in a pleasing way. However this one is in excellent condition with bright silvering. It has it's original gallery which is adjustable in order to alter the beam angle. Rewired with original lampholder (lightly polished), a new brass cordgrip and 1.5 meters grey fabric flex.
Dimensions in inches/cm;
9.5"/24cm minimum height to 10.5"/27cm maximum height.
9.5"/24cm diameter.
  • Period:
    • Price: £225.00
    • €263 Euro
    • $308 US Dollar
  • Location: Lancashire
    • Dimensions: H: 27cm (10.63in)
    • W: 24cm (9.45in)
    • D: 24cm (9.45in)