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This delightful decorative, vintage hand painted child's pull cart comes complete with the original 56 (perfect fitting) painted wooden building blocks, although 2 appear to have been glued together, no doubt by a naughty child. The cart sits on painted, cast metal wheels, with the front axle attached to the wooden pull handle for steering.
Approximate measurements- The cart body measures 39 cm (15 ½ inches) long by 23cms (9 inches) wide and is 14.5cms (5 ¾ inches) high. With the blocks in the cart the height is 17 cm (6 ¾ inches). The wooden pull arm is 56cms (22 inches) long. The wooden blocks measure 5cms (2 inches) square.
  • Period: 1940's
    • Price: £145.00
    • €171 Euro
    • $176 US Dollar
  • Location: Kent
    • Dimensions: H: 17cm (6.69in)
    • W: 39cm (15.35in)
    • D: 23cm (9.06in)