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An original, double-sided Robertson's tin sign.
This double-sided sign retains good colour with advertising for Golden Shred on one side and Silver Shred on the other.
The sign is tin (not enamel) and dates to circa 1960, in good condition, with age related marks as would be expected. There is no restoration to both sides of the tin sign, however, the metal surround has been repainted black at some point, and a drip of this is on the sign (please see photos), I have not attempted to remove this paint run.
The fixing bracket is slightly bent back from 90 degrees on both sides, but it can still be fixed to a wall using this if needed.
It measures approx 10 inches ( 25.5 cm) wide by 15.25 inches (39 cm) high.
An original sign, and quite difficult to find in such good condition nowadays.
  • Period: Circa 1960
  • Sold
  • Location: Kent
    • Dimensions: H: 39cm (15.35in)
    • W: 25.5cm (10.04in)
    • D: 0cm (0.00in)