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This lovely 'Gentlemen' enamel sign comes from the Eastern Region (identifiable by it's blue background colour) of the British Rail Network and date to the 1950s. British Railway's enamel signs are very iconic and combine simple, clear typography with vibrant colours and have their lovely rounded edges.

This sign is single sided - it would have originally been back to back with a matching sign so that it could have hung from the middle of the platform/station and been visible on both sides. It now hangs neatly against a wall. Perfect for a shop/cafe/bar/restaurant where it can be both functional and decorative.

The sign's in very good, clean and bright condition. The gloss is excellent (I've tried my best to capture this in the detailed photographs) and the blue is wonderfully deep. It has a few patches of enamel loss - primarily around the outer edges as well as some surface scratching. The lettering remains unaffected and generally this is all inline with what you would expect, even hope, to find with an original piece of vintage signage.

The sign measures 92cm wide x 46cm high and has a 2cm return
  • Period: 1950s
  • Sold
  • Location: London
    • Dimensions: H: 46cm (18.11in)
    • W: 92cm (36.22in)
    • D: 2cm (0.79in)