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Measuring in at 5ft wide, this Pratt's enamel sign is a lovely, big example of early automobilia and comes complete with bundles of character but without the hefty price tag that the collector's market can add to an example in 'good' condition. A petrol, or as it was more pleasingly termed at the time 'motor spirit', company that was formed in the late 19th century - Pratt's were amongst the founding father's of motoring.

This example probably dates from the 1910s-'20s as the Anglo-American Oil Co. who owned Pratt's changed their name to Esso in 1935. It has undoubtedly led a hard life - there are veins of enamel loss across the surface of the sign and after the damage was caused, the sign must've been left exposed to the elements for some time as these bare metal areas have rusted and 'bled' onto the remaining enamel... But despite the issues with the sign's condition it remains perfectly legible and Pratt's iconic red and yellow colour way is still vibrant. For me, this sign oozes character and not the sort that can ever be reproduced, this has come naturally and over a period of decades; in the right, grungy setting will look fantastic.

The sign measures 152cm (5ft) wide x 76.1cm high and can be secured using it's original mounting holes. A real statement piece and a perfect piece of bar or man-cave decor that is also a wonderful bit of 20th century English history.
  • Period: 1920s
    • Price: £290.00
    • €343 Euro
    • $381 US Dollar
  • Location: London
    • Dimensions: H: 76.1cm (29.96in)
    • W: 152cm (59.84in)
    • D: 0.1cm (0.04in)