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Here we have an absolutely incredible piece of English, Victorian industrial history. The framed advertising card from 1880 is, in and of itself, a wonderful thing; three-dimensional, formed from pressed card over painted in rich colours it's aged beautifully and captures ridiculous, Victorian advertising with chariots riding across mountains/clouds.

The presentation of this card is curious - very nicely framed with a early 20th century style museum label; more is revealed on the back where the piece's provenance has been glazed in to the framing. We see a Brooke Bond & Co. Ltd. card with a hand written message showing that the piece was leant by Mrs Musgreave who "would like it returned by Feb 21st 1921 ... Has had this card nearly 40 years". Beside that sits a letter from Mrs Musgreaves dated exactly a week after the advert was meant to be returned to her - Feb 28th 1921. In the letter Mrs Musgreaves says; "Thank you for your generous offer; and as Mr. Rupert Brooke would like the card, in memory of his father, I will part with it, to him. It has always been much admired, and others before now, have wished to buy it, but I have always refused them." and then my favourite part; "Thank you very much for the 1lb of tea, Yours Faithfully, E. Musgreaves".

It's absolutely wonderful to think that this card has been treasured for virtually it's entire life and that it was once the property of Rupert Brooke, the son of Brooke Bond's founder Arthur Brooke; definitely a one off piece of Victorian advertising/industrial history.

The piece measures 51cm wide x 42cm high x 3cm deep
  • Period: 1880s
    • Price: £980.00
    • €1,132 Euro
    • $1,184 US Dollar
  • Location: London
    • Dimensions: H: 42cm (16.54in)
    • W: 51cm (20.08in)
    • D: 3cm (1.18in)