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Measuring in just shy of 1.5m wide x 1m high, this Wall's Ice Cream tin sign is a real statement piece. This is a lithographically printed example, produced by Franco signs and likely to date to the early '60s. It's endured plenty of wear and tear over the decades, resulting in character by the bucket load, without detracting from the impact of the iconic typography / colour-scheme.

The sign is heavily scuffed and scratched, the printing has faded with the sun and been rubbed through in places but the sign is big enough and bold enough to remain entirely legible. Wear has resulted in a split in the metal in the lower right corner and there's a crease in the upper left that's been flatted but caused paint loss. The sign is made of a light weight alloy and can easily be hung using the single mounting hole in the middle of the upper edge.

In total the sign measures 147cm wide x 96cm high.
  • Period: 1960s
    • Price: £360.00
    • €419 Euro
    • $436 US Dollar
  • Location: London
    • Dimensions: H: 96cm (37.80in)
    • W: 147cm (57.87in)
    • D: 0.1cm (0.04in)