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In the early 20th Century around two thirds of all cigarettes sold in England were Players. Player's Navy Cut had a broad and unisex appeal with strong marketing, the style of which was Wills' cigarettes attempted to emulate. "Players Please" was a slogan that was introduced in 1924 and became heavily embedded into the brand's identity.

This sign is likely to date from the 1940s/50s but could be a little earlier. It's a double sided enamel sign mounted on a wrought iron stand designed to stand in front of a shop. Unusually is made up of two enamel signs bolted together, subsequently (and rather sadly) they're often broken up as it can be more profitable two sell the two individual signs. Pleasingly this one remains original and complete. There is some damage to one side of the sign with enamel loss around the 'a' of Players and the 'ase' of Please - this has been touched in very lightly. Other than this the sign is generally good, though the stand is slightly wonky meaning the sign won't stand completely straight.

Enamel signs generally have to be wall mounted - being a free standing design this is perfect when wall space is running out or when putting fixings into the wall is difficult. The sign stands 95.5cm high, is 59cm wide and the sign part is 3.5cm deep with the base being around 41cm deep.
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    • Price: £295.00
    • €349 Euro
    • $405 US Dollar
  • Location: London
    • Dimensions: H: 95.5cm (37.60in)
    • W: 59cm (23.23in)
    • D: 3.5cm (1.38in)