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Wonderfully decorative, this vintage tin pedal car would have to be described as being in 'barn find' condition. If it were a real car, it would want a lot of TLC if it were to be recommissioned, but as it's a toy car it's perfect for enjoying as is - well loved, quite tatty and hugely decorative.

I think this is a French model (was found in France at any rate) but I don't know much else about it. It probably dates to around the 1950s, it has a plastic steering wheel with MG in the center of it (though doesn't look like any British MG car designs). A fairly simple design - the headlights and grill are all pressed into the metalwork and it doesn't appear to have had any additional parts like bumpers, mirrors or a windscreen surround. The red paint is heavily faded / corroded giving it a fantastic surface patina. The seat has been squashed down, loosing some of it's form - this could probably be pushed back into shape and re-attached if wanted, but I think it's driving days are probably past it anyway. All four wheels have tyres, the pedals do move when it's pushed and the steering does work (one of the steering wheel spokes is snapped, but stays in place with the remaining two).

The car measures 85cm long x 34cm wide x 42cm high.
  • Period: 1950s
    • Price: £220.00
    • €256 Euro
    • $270 US Dollar
  • Location: London
    • Dimensions: H: 41cm (16.14in)
    • W: 34cm (13.39in)
    • D: 85cm (33.46in)