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A carved ram’s skull on pedestal. The skull is completely cut out with a beautiful rose pattern. It comes with the custom-fit black iron pedestal, and can be removed from this pedestal if desired. The carving is of exceptionally high quality. Engraved into the skull is a majestic Lotus Skull.

The horns will be detached for transport purposes, and are easily reattached.

There is also a drawstring attached to the skull so that it can be mounted on a wall.

Since it is a natural skull, it might have some natural minimal cracks and crevices in both the skull and the horns. This is normal. Please refer to pictures.

Our skulls are cleaned professionally, but sometimes minor discoloration still occurs on the teeth. This is natural and normal, and not something we can do a lot about. Please refer to the pictures.

Height: 41cm
Width: 52cm
  • Period:
  • Sold
  • Location: Warwickshire
    • Dimensions: H: 41cm (16.14in)
    • W: 52cm (20.47in)
    • D: 0cm (0.00in)