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These old glass blown milk parlour jars were used in West Country diary farms in the early 60s-70s. They have been redesigned into hanging lights with brass fitments and hanging chains. All names and measurements give each light an individual look. bulbs and chains not included with lighting.

Milker Design

The 'Milker' design was named after its pervious job of measuring the amount of milk produced by one or two cows. Each parlour would have around 7-9 of these 'Milkers'. They are unique coming in different curves and shapes. Changing to this pyrex blown old glass in the 1960's, dairy farms all over the United Kingdom used them for Years until converting to the next technology leaving behind beautifully crafted mechanism.

Refurbishing the Pyrex jars of its past duties and adding brass fitments. The light is suspended by brass chains and hooks. The glass has all the original printed details and imperfections. The milk meter and companies like Fullwood & Afla Laval give the light its authenticity.
  • Period: 1960
    • Price: £120.00
    • €139 Euro
    • $145 US Dollar
  • Location: Somerset
    • Dimensions: H: 57cm (22.44in)
    • W: 25.5cm (10.04in)
    • D: 0cm (0.00in)