18th century copper jugs- .5, 1 and 2 gallon


18th Century & Earlier

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I have been very fortunate to get hold of a collection of these stunning 18th and 19th century Copper measuring jugs. These are in typical English country house condition which is well used but handsome for it. These are honest great quality examples that I think would sit well in a multitude of places. Each jug has their measure stamped on the front and lead Excise stamps certifying the measurements are accurate. Great decorative pieces with fabulous patina.

These three are the earliest examples I have and are perfectly useable to hold flowers in. The jug with the copper base rim has a small split around the neck but that is all i have seen.

Jug 1: Height 32cm Diameter 27cm Width (Incl handle) 36cm
Jug 2: Height 28cm Diameter 21cm Width (Incl handle) 31cm
Jug 3: Height 20cm Diameter 18cm Width (Incl handle) 24cm


  • H: 32cm (12.60in)
  • W: 27cm (10.63in)
  • D: 27cm (10.63in)


18th Century & Earlier

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