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This is a beautiful dramatic 19th century oil on canvas painting of a boat on stormy seas. The colour green used is stunning which gives this a very decorative look and moody feel. The paint is extremely thick which gives the painting a lovely texture as well. The canvas material is very heavy which is quite unusual. But what happened in the 19th century an earlier, is if the artist couldn't afford a canvas they would use an old sack and I believe that is what this is. It adds an extra level of history to the piece that I feel compliments the subject perfectly. The piece is signed B Hardy on the front and on the back there is a pencil note top right with the full name, Bernadotte Hardy with the location of where the painting was done. It is in French and I haven't been able to find this out I am afraid. It is a stunning piece and I personally love everything about it.

Measurements Height 54cm Width 65cm
  • Period: 1880
    • Price: £325.00
    • €386 Euro
    • $426 US Dollar
  • Location: Yorkshire
    • Dimensions: H: 54cm (21.26in)
    • W: 65cm (25.59in)
    • D: 3cm (1.18in)