Exceptional Pair of 18th century wooden lions


18th Century & Earlier

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These are an exceptional pair of 18th century carved wooden lions. They are a large size and done extremely well making these incredibly decorative. They retain traces of original paint and the wear they have gained over the years gives them a wonderful look. The condition overall is very good with only a couple of minor historic restorations. one lion has lost the very top of its head but when stood up is not noticeable. The wood and metal bases are much later and have only been added to allow these to free stand in a decorative capacity. What these were once used for I really couldn't say for sure I am afraid. But the few options I have found are, a trade or pub sign, possible fairground carousel decorations, or potentially these would have hung in the corners of rooms in stately homes. The backs of the lions have iron hooks which would suggest they were hung or held in place for some point of their lives. On the backs of both there are also collection catalogue numbers in pencil which suggests these belonged to someone who had a collection of a large number of items. Whatever they are they are fantastic, hugely attractive and very well made.

Measurements- Height 89cm Width 40cm Depth 57cm


  • H: 89cm (35.04in)
  • W: 40cm (15.75in)
  • D: 57cm (22.44in)


18th Century & Earlier

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