Foundry smelting pot #2


21st Century

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These beautiful smelting pots were sourced directly from a foundry in Northumberland. The colours and glazed finish happen by pure accident which is why I love these so much. The reaction occurs when the crucible is heated up and cooled over a series of months while in use and the material being smelted (in this case bronze) reacts with the material the pot is made from and breaks through with stunning colours. These can only be used for smelting a small number of times before they will simply break so at this point they are no longer useful to the foundry and I buy them because they are extremely attractive and make ideal plant pots or simply left as is on the side.

Height 28cm Diameter 22cm


  • H: 28cm (11.02in)
  • W: 22cm (8.66in)
  • D: 22cm (8.66in)


21st Century

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My name is Matt Dixon and for as long as I can remember I have had a love for history and design which I find relate very closely.

Since starting up TallBoy Interiors 3 years ago, I have learnt so much about what works together and I find that you can mix modern and classic pieces to create a truly unique design.

I am not afraid to express myself through the items I buy as I believe your home should represent as much about you as the way you dress.  Everyone has their own style and that is what makes this business so interesting.

As trends change, the pieces that appear on the open market change, and that keeps me thinking of how it can work in a design.

I want to provide a service that is totally personal to the client and help them use their imagination to create something unique.

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