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(On my website) If you would like this sofa upholstered please click yes in the upholstery drop down menu. This would require 10 metres of material. You can supply your own or please browse our collections under the material section.

All my armchairs and sofas have been fully restored, springs, legs, padding etc so these will stand the test of time even if used everyday.

This is a very high quality early 20th century Georgian style camel backed sofa. The carved feet are beautifully done and all legs are solid mahogany. The size is ideal for 3 people minimum and although quite a formal design it does have a deep seat so you can lounge in it. Tall legs and once upholstered this would make a great statement in a room.

Measurements Height 95cm Width 198cm Depth 80cm Depth of seat 64cm Height of seat 44cm
  • Period: 1920's
  • Sold
  • Reserved
  • Location: Yorkshire
    • Dimensions: H: 95cm (37.40in)
    • W: 198cm (77.95in)
    • D: 80cm (31.50in)