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This is one of my favourite designs regards tables for a pub or restaurant! I just love the proportions, I love the overhangs at each end and the simplicity of the trestle ends and the sturdy stretcher that joins them both together. This is a fantastic table with great original golden oak colour, it is completely untouched and would grace any bar or restaurant. I have set it up obviously being a pub fan for people to sit around in the photographs. You would comfortably seat 10 people, five down each side and two perching at each end eating and drinking and playing games and having a good time.

We will wash it down and wax it up and check that it is all in good fettle before it leaves our warehouse in Stafford.

Product Code: TAB-10145
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  • Location: Staffordshire
    • Dimensions: H: 76cm (29.92in)
    • W: 215cm (84.65in)
    • D: 67cm (26.38in)