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Early 20th Century English fairground animated mechanical shooting target
We share what we love, and we love this authentic early 20th century mechanical English fairground shooting target example. Hand crafted from cast metal sheets and mechanical cogs. The mechanical movement still works although the shooting target is not connected due to age and wear. This target operates when the bull’s eye is hit, therefore releasing the wheel, which animates the man and women. The man moves his leg up and down, which moves the central wheel, as the women rings the bell. Set on a backdrop of a factory scene. Likely to have been made by the showman at the fairground themselves, naive in construction however made to last. A highly decorative and collectable object.

Movement shown here:

Size in inches Approx.: H 35” x W 33” x D 8”
Condition: Aged
Origin: England
Age: Early 20th Century

Completely solid in structure and form, Natural aging across all surfaces. Resulting in loss of detail in the painted surface, rust across all this item, decay of the metal sheets across the edges and bottom sections (This is firmly in place and not broken off). The reverse mechanism is a bit stiff but works when moved by hand, the bulls eye target is not connected to the main mechanism, but the front animated section works fine. A very heavy object weighing close to 25kg.

All the items that we sell at The House of Antiques are authentic and as described, we ask that all clients consider the items age and photos that have been supplied to display the items condition. If you have any questions, we urge you to contact us directly, where we will only be so happy to assist in helping you before a purchase is made to avoid any disappointment.
  • Period: 1930
  • Sold
  • Location: London