8 Bells Ships Clock


Second quarter 20th Century

United Kingdom

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8 Bells Ships Clock

Lovely Sestrel ships clock, mid century, case freshly polished and lacquered, movement inspected and oiled.

This is an 8 bells clock, i.e. it chimes every half hour, on a four hour rotating basis. Back in the ‘good old days’, they would have an hour glass which needed turning over every 30 minutes, when it was turned, the duty watch would ring the bell according to the time of the four hour shift, therefore at midday it would chime 8, at 12:30 it would chime 1, at 13:00 it would chime 2 etc. Etc.

This clock has two trains, one for the time and one for the chime. There is a time speed adjustment at the top of the dial, an alarm on/of adjustment at the RH side of the dial and the chime adjustment on the LH of the dial.

As with all our clocks we run them for at least 7 days, to ensure they are working properly.

This is a Great little wall clock, which would look awesome in a hallway, kitchen, conservatory etc. (And I love the chime, because I have to think about where I am on a four hour shift LOL)

Diameter is 20cm overall


Second quarter 20th Century

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Tony and Lynne have been dealing in Antiques and upcycling home decor items since 2017.  Tony runs the repair shop, ensuring all items are ready for a new forever home, he can put his hand to all types of skills from French polishing to leaded lights; whilst Lynne is the design expert and seamstress, making soft furnishings and clothing.

They make a great team as Tony is colour blind where Lynne isn’t!  The shop gets its name from the Latin Vetera (old) and Novis (new), meaning we create new life from old things.

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