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This Louis XIV style chandelier originates from early 1900s France. It retains its original moulded french flat leaf drops in various shapes each finished with a glass rosette. It is an opulent centre piece. The brass chandelier frame has a varied natural brass patina and an elegant glass central stem which will reflect the light. The chandelier holds six lamps in total. The chandelier comes supplied with braided flex, chain, ceiling rose and a chandelier hook plate. Chandelier requires E14 lamps, these are not included.

This chandelier has been fully restored and rewired here, in Stockport, near Manchester by our small team of experts and is now ready to be installed. We recommend that this Louis XIV style chandelier is installed by an electrician and into a joist or a supporting noggin.  To clean the chandelier dust the metal components regularly with a soft cloth. The glass drops can then be wiped with a glass wipe or a cloth that has been sprayed with glass cleaner. A final wipe with a paper towel will give a polished finish. 

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  • Location: Cheshire
    • Dimensions: H: 51cm (20.08in)
    • W: 42cm (16.54in)
    • D: 0cm (0.00in)