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This is a beautiful unused white linen metis sheet with delightful hand stitched decoration framing a central monogram of the letters EL - it's charming. And it's nice and wide so will work comfortably on a kingsize bed.

The linen is quite light (by French vintage standards) but it tightly woven and sturdy - it'll be gorgeous to sleep under.

The sheet shows no signs of use, it's in excellent condition; laundered and ready for use. There are just a very few tiny spot marks but they're not noticeable unless you're very close.

And of course, if you don't want to put it straight onto you bed and jump in behind it, it'll make a gorgeous curtain, it'll filter the light to perfection.

UK postage £5.

Approximate weight: 1200 grams

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  • Location: Surrey
    • Dimensions: H: 280cm (110.24in)
    • W: 240cm (94.49in)
    • D: 0cm (0.00in)