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Set of six huge antique French silky linen damask guest towels dating to the early 1900s. 

Each has a simple hand worked drawn thread at the top and bottom and is an excellent quality fine linen damask with lovely sheen.

Wonderfully glamorous to use in your cloakroom but also these make great little tablecloths, huge napkines or tea towels/glass cloths, they'll dry things superbly.

In excellent condition, seemingly unused. Freshly laundered and ready for use. Colour is a soft pale grey-white.

Approximate dimensions: 82 cm x 88 cm (32 inches x 34.5 inches)

Approximate weight each: 180 grams

UK postage £5.

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  • Location: Surrey
    • Dimensions: H: 88cm (34.65in)
    • W: 82cm (32.28in)
    • D: 0cm (0.00in)