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17Th Century Bronze Garden Sundial Plate Gnomon Timepiece King Charles II Lives

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Item Description

This 17th Century Bronze garden sundial plate is a remarkable timepiece from King Charles II's era. It is a unique way to add a touch of history to any garden setting.

Title "Charles II Lives".

Having classic roman numerals and also numbers around the base plate.

With various fascinating latin hand engraved inscriptions we have translated most of them for you sola beatitudo (only happiness)beata solitudo (blissful solitude) mitii opidum carccr est  (it is a prison) et corona manuum opus nostrum (and the crown of our hands) deusno biscum (God is with us) Paradisus (paradise) 
vivat carolus secundus (Charles II lives). Also having a pictorial of a crown.

This sundial has seen over 360 weather seasons incredible to think about.

Made from out of bronze.

A nice small size being 9.5 cm high and 30 cm depth.

Circa mid 17th century dated 1663 which is during the Restoration period. The Restoration of the monarchy was in England in 1660. It marked the return of Charles II as king (1660–85) following the period of Oliver Cromwell’s Commonwealth. The bishops were restored to Parliament, which established a strict Anglican orthodoxy.

The Gnomon has been riveted to the base plate as shown from the back

A sundial is a horological device that tells the time of day (referred to as civil time in modern usage) when direct sunlight shines by the apparent position of the Sun in the sky. In the narrowest sense of the word, it consists of a flat plate (the dial) and a gnomon, which casts a shadow onto the dial.

As the Sun appears to move through the sky, the shadow aligns with different hour-lines, which are marked on the dial to indicate the time of day. The style is the time-telling edge of the gnomon, though a single point or nodus may be used. The gnomon casts a broad shadow; the shadow of the style shows the time. The gnomon may be a rod, wire, or elaborately decorated metal casting. The style must be parallel to the axis of the Earth's rotation for the sundial to be accurate throughout the year. The style's angle from horizontal is equal to the sundial's geographical latitude.

The term sundial can refer to any device that uses the Sun's altitude or azimuth (or both) to show the time. Sundials are valued as decorative objects, metaphors, and objects of intrigue and mathematical study.

It weights just under 2 kg approximate, also the base plate has a couple holes for you to screw it down.

Condition report.

Offered in fine used patina condition.

Having various  weathering wear, charming patina, scuffs, scratches commensurate with usage & old age.

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Length depth base (30 cm)
Width (25 cm)
Height to Gnomon top (9.5 cm)

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Chester, Cheshire

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H: 9.5cm W: 25cm D: 30cm



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United Kingdom

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Chester, Cheshire

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United Kingdom

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