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From the seventeenth century onwards, there was scarcely a household in Britain that did not possess some items of pewter: plates, bowls, tankards, spoons, candlesticks were just some of the everyday items made from pewter. Coffee was brought to England through the British East India Company and the Dutch East India Company in the 17th century, at the time coffee was imported from Ceylon. In the 1860's, distsaster struck and a fungal disease ripped through Ceylon's coffee industry. In response, the East India Company began to heavily promote tea as an alternative, but by this point coffee had already taken hold in Britain, and whilst tea was still the number one drink, coffee remained very popular, and imports grew from the Caribbean. This large pewter coffee pot has eagle handles and stands on wooden ball feet and dates fromthe mid 18th century and is good quality. It would have been found in a good tavern, or coffee shop or used in a country house. In good condition Dimensions: 37cm High x 25cm

  • Period: 1750
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  • Location: Nottinghamshire