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A beautiful Victorian set of picture puzzle blocks, dating to between the 1860s and 1880s. This is a complete set of 30 picture blocks, with printed images of the puzzle pictures, all in their original box. The 30 blocks make up 12 different pictures, two at a time, and there is a printed reference picture for each. The blocks are made of wood covered with colourfully lithographed paper images. Each one measures 4.2cm square. The pictures are from the Old Testament and feature important events in the life of King David. The set is unmarked, but these lithographs were produced in Britain by Kronheim & Co. The images are very detailed and are still bright and vibrant.

The blocks come in their original wooden box with hinged lid and little metal catches to the side. It is covered with attractively printed paper with an image of two of the puzzle pictures to the lid. 

The set is in good condition with minor wear to the blocks and box commensurate with their age. This really is an exceptionally good and rare example of this puzzle type.

Religious puzzles such as this were considered acceptable for entertainment on Sundays when other toys were deemed unsuitable. The images from the life of King David are David keeping his father's flocks, David slaying the Lion & Bear, David slaying Goliath, Jonathan giving David his sword & bow, Saul attempting to kill David with a javelin, David in the Cave of Adullam, David is crowned King of Israel, King David fetching the Ark of the Covenant, King David in battle with the Philistines, Nathan reproving King David for his adultery with Bathsheba, King David's son Absalom caught by his hair before being slain by Joab, and King David leading Psalms on his harp with the Levites. 

  • Period: 1860s-1880s
    • Price: £195.00
    • €232 Euro
    • $252 US Dollar
  • Location: Derbyshire
    • Dimensions: H: 29cm (11.42in)
    • W: 24cm (9.45in)
    • D: 5.5cm (2.17in)