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This delightful picture just zings with life. The palette and simple forms in this Mid-20th Century oil on canvas are of a Gauguinesque style. The back drop of turquoise sky, orange kumquats, green foliage and the red and yellow apples in the foreground, very much represent the illuminating hues of the South Pacific Islands. There is even the flower of a wild banana taking centre stage. The artist Georges Yzzis exhibited solo at the Bernheim-Jeune Gallery, Paris in 1971. The decorative wood carved frame is in original condition.
Length of frame: 38cm
Width of frame: 33cm
Depth of frame: 6cm
Weight: 830g
  • Period: Mid-20th Century
    • Price: £320.00
    • €372 Euro
    • $397 US Dollar
  • Location: Somerset