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An unusual set of antique satin / matt opal glass ovoid pendant shade lights with concentric metal diffusers (in original paint). From a church. English, 1950s.
The diffusers act to help to concentrate the light downwards and reduce glare..and also look good.
Patinated brass fittings and cordgrips.
In very good condition. The diffusers fully cleaned and waxed.
Rewired with 1.25m fabric flex.
Dimensions in inches/cms;
8.5"/22cm diameter.
11"/28cm tall inc cordgrip.
Approx 1.2kg each.
Priced individually. There are six available (possibly 9).
2 REMAINING (possibly5).
  • Period: 1950s
    • Price: £265.00
    • €306 Euro
    • $337 US Dollar
  • Location: Lancashire
    • Dimensions: H: 28cm (11.02in)
    • W: 22cm (8.66in)
    • D: 22cm (8.66in)