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A set of five vintage discoid shaped opal glass pendant shades with spun aluminium fittings (cleaned,polished).
All 5 wired with 1.25m fabric flex and new nickel plated brass Bc lampholders / cordgrips.
Dimensions in inches/cms;
12"/30cm diameter.
8.25"/21cm tall inc cordgrip.
1.3 kg each.
Priced individually.
N.B. These could also be ceiling mounted -using the original conical shrouds (not pictured here).
  • Period: mid century
    • Price: £250.00
    • €291 Euro
    • $310 US Dollar
  • Location: Lancashire
    • Dimensions: H: 21cm (8.27in)
    • W: 30cm (11.81in)
    • D: 30cm (11.81in)