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On my travels, it's become apparent that a clearly visible, hard wearing and aesthetically pleasing door number is a difficult thing to find... Subsequently I've been putting my efforts into collecting as wide a range of vintage, enamel door numbers as possible. Enamel signage has been favoured for decades for it's hard wearing and virtually weather proof nature; it also provides bright and vibrant colours; in this instance the iconic blue and white combination.

This particular door number plaque is mid-century (c.1950) and comes from the Eastern Bloc (probably Bulgaria). It's my understanding that the door number is set below the street name. Over the decades the sign has weathered but the number is still fairly bright and visible. There is a patch of enamel loss by the 5 and to the upper right corner as well as some smaller nibbling around the outer edges and mounting holes... Traces of green paint have also stuck to the non-glossy areas of enamel loss. This sign has developed the sort of patina / character that just can't be reproduced.

The plaque can be displayed using it's original mounting holes and measures 11.3cm wide x 10.3cm high and the price includes UK mainland delivery.
  • Period: 1950s
    • Price: £28.00
    • €33 Euro
    • $35 US Dollar
  • Location: London
    • Dimensions: H: 10.3cm (4.06in)
    • W: 11.3cm (4.45in)
    • D: 0.1cm (0.04in)